Barbara Amadori is a Channeller, Reiki Master, astrologer and journalist. Her cultural training ranges from classical music (she studied at the “B. Maderna” Music Conservatory in Cesena), to literature (she got a Teaching Diploma), linguistics (First Certificate of English obtained from the British School) and journalism.
Passionate and observant scholar of esoteric disciplines such as Qabalah, Karmika and Evolutionary Astrology. In order to properly complete her personal culture on the Jewish Qabalah, she graduated in ancient Hebrew.
Since 30 years ago, after the death of her father, she has been dedicating herself to the world of Slim Dimensions that permeate everyone’s lives.
She is a seminars host. These seminars discus about some important aspects of Mediumship. In particular, the scope is teaching every participant to contact, through their intuitive gifts, their spiritual guide and loved ones who have passed away. The participants have to take different “steps” before they can get the spiritual world: Barbara Amadori leads people to learn the energy and Mediumship reading of photographs, objects, recordings, as well as automatic writing. She also teaches practical exercises about the possibilities of communication among the participants of the seminar through the use of meditation techniques.
Moreover, both courses and seminars have practical and theoretical sections and unravel their forms starting from theosophy to arrive, although in a short and shallow way, to some elements of quantum physics
Barbara Amadori is the woman in Italy who can vaunt in her curriculum on the fascinating world of the unknown, the release in 1997 of the famous essay “The Tree of Life”, resulting from the Jewish Qabalah. The book has been approved by the Centre of Jewish Culture in Brussels and also by some Jewish communities in America.
Rapporteur for Italian associations and academies, as well as at international conferences as an evolutionary techniques teacher. Barbara Amadori has been guest many times at the tv show “Maurizio Costanzo Show” as a scholar on reincarnation. She is present as a medium in the International Parapsychology Conferences in Bellaria, Cesena, Modena, Assisi, Palermo, Taranto, Verona, Varese, Sondrio, Nuoro, Rome, Milan, Locarno, Lugano.
She attended the prestigious Arthur Findley College in London to confront with the most qualified English medium.
Associate Member of the Society for Psychical Research in London. She regularly hosts conferences and seminars in Switzerland and Italy.
At present she is studying theology at the School of Theology. Her book “Quantum Mediumship” (Anima editions) has reached its first reprinting.
The messages she has been channeling in the last years are specifically focused on the Era that our planet is about to face and on the existence and support we receive from non-terrestrial life forms, on the afterlife chronicles as well as new ways about the transmission of Energy.
Barbara Amadori is founder and president of the School of Italian Mediumship “Anthroposophical Academy Luciano Amadori”